Length: 1500 mm. Width: 760 mm. Height: 800 mm.
Wheel diameter: 440 mm.

4 motors 24V for wheels with electronic diferential.
1 motor 24V for direction.

Batteries for wheel motors and direction:
2 x (12V x 70Ah). Charger inclued.
Autonomous 12 - 14 hours.
Solar panel cover: 100 watts connected to batteries,
black or white color

Spotlight for night. Cool - hot fan.

IP67 RoHS electronic box:
1 computer with GisMapRobot software:
Geographic (GIS) and Recognition (AI).
4 controller cards.
1 Gps card (precision 1 to 2 meters).
3 cameras connected to computer
for complete autonomous navigation and recognition.
1 GisMapPhone application to control robot.

1 cutter Infaco F3015 with batterie.
4 motors 24V for inox arm.
Batteries: 2 x (12V x 100Ah). Charger inclued.
Autonomous 8 - 10 hours. Quick change batteries.

Pruning: 50 plants / hour (1200 per day).

Total weight: 160 kg.

Easy to use, like smartphone: Select task and Go.
Little maintenance: clean it, apply grease.
End of day, automatic transfert of large data to GisMap
software installed in your office computer,
to generate maps, statistics,...
Send technical data to our cloud for updates,
assistance, replacement.

2 years warranties. Delivery time: 4 weeks.
1 day with you to start.
Price: starting from 9 000.00

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